Japan Considers Sending Artillery Shells to Support Ukraine

• Japan has engaged in discussion with the US on supplying artillery shells to strengthen the US stockpile that supports Ukraine.
• The US has shipped over 1.5 million 155mm artillery shells to Ukraine since February 2022 and is looking towards its allies for replenishment.
• Japan’s direct involvement in providing non-lethal military assistance is limited by its pacifist constitution but it intends to help Kyiv in its counteroffensive during the current conflict.

Japan Discussing Potential Supply of Artillery Shells

Japan has engaged in unprecedented diplomatic discussions with the US on the prospective supply of artillery shells to strengthen the US stockpile supporting Ukraine. Many voters in Japan are opposed to their country’s involvement in international conflicts, but this potential agreement between Japan and the US is a significant development in the international response to the ongoing crisis.

US Supplies Artillery Shells To Ukraine

The US has shipped over 1.5 million 155mm artillery shells to Ukraine since February 2022 and these munitions have been instrumental in Ukraine’s defensive operations. Washington is looking towards its allies to help replenish the stockpile as Ukrainian military uses around 90,000 155mm shells monthly making it an urgent need for more supply.

Japan Considering Non-Lethal Military Assistance

Japan, famous for its post-World War II pacifist posture, is now considering offering non-lethal military help to a country at war. Lethal military assistance to other countries is prohibited by Japanese constitution, so if this scheme goes through then Japan will assist in replenishing US stockpiles indirectly supporting Ukraine’s military effort without violating constitutional limitations on weapons exports.

Pentagon Requirements For Replenishment

The number of munitions that Japan can provide and the delivery date are yet to be decided which adds a layer of uncertainty into ongoing negotiations between Tokyo and Washington according DC officials who said that Pentagon requirements are precise and stringent when it comes downmto replenishing stocks used up by Ukrainian forces during their defensive operations against Russian aggression on eastern frontiers of their nation..

Political Sensitivity Of Japanese Involvement

The level of consumption of ammunition by Ukrainian forces exceeds whatthe US has so far been abletomeet prompting international community including Japan – famous for its post WW II pacifism – stepping up withnon lethalmilitary aidforKyiv despitepolitical sensitivityof such an arrangement back homein Tokyo where many votersare stillopposedto any sortof armed intervention abroadby their nation’sarmedforcesin globalconflicts regardless howjustifiedthese mightbe fromhumanitarian standpoint or strategic considerations involving Russia’s aggressive policy throughout regionand beyond..